15 Minute Plum Eyewash Wall Station

Dust-proof wall stations in shock-proof polystyrene, containing 1x 200mL Saline Eyewash and 3x 1000mL Plum Eyewash Saline Eyewash with award winning duo eyepiece.

Rinsing time for 200mL bottle: 2 minutes
Rinsing time for 1000mL bottle: 5 minutes
Combined station rinse time of 17 minutes
  • Designed to deliver solution rinsing to both eyes simultaneously with Plum's patented duo eyepiece that actually keep separate and keep open the eye for an effective rinse.
  • Up to 17 minutes of duo eye rinsing if required.
  • Solution at tepid temperature when keep in normal workplace environments
  • Comes in dustproof wall stations - with easy opening and attached mirrors
  • Solution has a 3 year expiration date, in a sealed bottle with an easy 1\4 turn opening activation for immediate rinsing
  • Advantage over fixed, bulky units is that this station has portable bottles that can be taken to the injured person and the rinsing can be done by the first aid responder if injured person is in shock or distress
  • Portable, compact, low maintenance and highly effective

Product code: #48188

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