Stainless steel bin

Safely and hygienically storing clinical waste until ready for disposal
is a routine and daily task in every clinical environment, from First Aid
Rooms to Hospital and GP Clinics.

The latest addition to the Relequip family is designed to deal with this
issue effectively, reliably, and attractively.

The high grade polished Stainless Steel Bin offers both a hygienic and
practical repository for all types of clinical waste with a generous
capacity of 20 Litres. Inside the tough outer bin which has been
designed to withstand the knocks and rigors of a busy surgical
environment, is a removable rigid plastic bucket featuring its own
carry handle.

The traditional foot pedal and flip-lid design of the steel bin, allows
clinical waste to be dropped into the inner bucket without physical
contact with the bin. Likewise, when ready to empty, the inner
container can be removed in the same way. This keeps contamination
of the bin itself to a minimum, and makes the task of cleaning easier
and safer.

The separate bucket may be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
according to the user’s policy before being simply replaced into the
bin. Physical contact is held to a minimum throughout the cycle.
The Stainless Steel design may be kept clean and hygienic very simply
when the plastic bucket is removed. All surface areas and mechanisms
are easily accessible and may be wiped over on a daily basis using
your favourite brand of spray sanitiser, hard surface wipe, or any
similar method.

Tough, capacious, clinically attractive, and eminently practical, if your
Clinic, Surgery, or First Aid Room needs a safe, quick, and effective
method for the temporary storage of clinical waste, the Relequip Bin
provides a high quality and cost-effective solution.

• Safely and hygienically store clinical waste ready for disposal.
• Removable inner plastic bucket with handle.
• 20 Litre capacity.
• Easy clean surface and interior.

REF 3042 Pack size: 1 Stainless Steel Bin

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